Radiate Love

I'm just me. I'm in love with God. My friends are like my oxygen. I'm simultaneously exhilarated and exhausted with life. I'm happy, free, and blessed by grace. I wouldn't want any other life than the one I live.

I’m not going to lie; I’m hurting, impatient, doubtful, hateful, and weak. There is pain and inconvenience in this life of mine. But there is also love - inexplicable, unending, radiating love that is around every corner and bend. That love, that perfect love, is what I choose to focus on. I do not ignore the bad; I allow the good and the unceasing love of my Savior to overtake me. 

A book of poems. A cup of coffee. A little blues playing in the distance. it’s all very peaceful. No one can ruin the moment but you. No one can take it away until you push it away. Your happiness is yours. Enjoy it. Don’t squander it. 


—I Don't Mind

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